Doctrine Of Hot Pursuit

Vaibhav Vishal
Muskan Kumari

The right of a state to pursue a vessel belonging to a foreign state which has violated any violated any law within the territorial boundaries and jurisdiction is considered as doctrine of Hot Pursuit in international

The Global Crunch for Chips

Aahana Srishti

From constantly buzzing cosmopolitan cities to quaint remote towns and villages, one technology is revolutionising our lives. From making virtual meetings with participants from all corners of the world possible to powering weather-predicting supercomputers and hypersonic aircrafts, all

Violence & Pleasure

Arshya Wadhwa

Often women making choices involving their bodies in a sexual context is condemned by many ideologies. Unfortunately sexual autonomy has dealt with stifling amount of criticism. Along with these criticisms on women’s choices with regards to their body,

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